Camelot engages noted WGA scriptwriter David Murray for it’s Bio Pic “The Catcher”

Camelot Communications Group has engaged noted WGA scriptwriter David Murray, represented by Super Agent Sandra Lucchesi of the Gersh Agency, to do a rewrite on Camelot’s biopic “The Catcher”, along with the scripts creator Lou La Rose. The original script developed & written by Lou La Rose, is based on the true story of Boston Red Sox catcher Morris “Moe” Berg. In the 1930’s when most ballplayers were hardly literate, Berg attained academic degrees from Princeton, Columbia Law and the Sorbonne in Paris. He excelled as an athlete, an intellectual and an OSS spy during WWII, one of the most volatile periods in world history; Because of his fluency in languages’ the OSS assigned him to the ultra-secret Azusa project, sending him on dangerous missions to flush out and interrogate Italian and German nuclear scientists. Berg’s cloak and dagger work earned him one of America’s highest awards, “The Presidential Medal of Freedom”. Brilliant and mysterious; his exploits took him from the baseball fields of America, to the battlefields of Nazi held Europe.